My inputs taken for article titled - 'Read between the labels' in June 2015 edition of the The Week's Smartlife magazine:

My contribution to an article on Food Allergies got published in Economic Times dated 24th April 2015.

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In continuation with the previous blog post, in which I talked about reasons and things to keep in mind when cooking tiffin box food for your child, here are few easy-to-do and healthy food recipes along with their nutritional importance which can be quite handy food-ideas while cooking food for your child's tiffin box:

Soya Vegetable Cutlets

Method of Preparation: Pressure cook soya chunks, peas and carrot for 1 whistle. Put only enough water required for cooking.

What should I keep in my little one’s tiffin tomorrow? A question which occupies the mind of majority of the mothers as besides confirming to the likes and dislikes of the child, they also have to ensure the nutritional adequacy of the meal. Considering the long hours which a child spends in the school makes it imperative for mothers to plan a wholesome, healthy and nutritionally adequate tiffin box.


So here I am, writing after really really long, but trust me people, I have been on a roller coster ride all these months - too many corporate workshops, events and clients to handle (touchwood) - All thanks to you (for loving me so much). From now on, I will try best to keep writing more frequently and not make to you wait for so long.

On this note - wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year. I need a pledge from everyone - To stay healthy and eat right this new year.

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